Winter’s Effects on Eczema

Winter’s Effects on Eczema

You may notice as the season is changing, that you are experiencing worsening dry skin and eczema issues. Here are a couple reasons you may be experiencing these symptoms as we head into winter.

Less Humidity 

The winter is far less humid than in the summertime, and your skin certainly feels the difference. When the air is dry, it extracts the humidity from your skin which leads to drier skin in the winter; thus worsening an existing eczema problem.

Warmer Showers and Heating

In the winter, you tend to warm up with heaters and hot showers, however this will cause your skin to dry out. Hot showers strip your skin of necessary, protective oils which are needed to keep your skin from becoming dry and damaged. In this season, all you want to do is warm up, but it is important that you moderate how much heat you are exposing yourself to.


During the winter, it is important to apply moisturizers more frequently to hydrate parched and dehydrated skin to prevent an eczema flare up. Remember to regulate the temperature you are exposing your skin to so that you do not cause your skin to dry out more than usual. Finally, avoid wearing clothing that is too restrictive and abrasive to your skin. Putting on sweaters and scratchy wools can exacerbate your eczema problem even further.

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