Why is our product the most effective on the market?

To craft our product, we use 100 pounds of herbs to extract one gallon of highly potent liquid, ensuring the effectiveness of our cream. This unique process enables visible results in just two days, setting us apart in the market. That's why we're proudly named "Extra Natural" - because our formulation is enriched with more herbs than any other cream available.

Begins working within two days of using product.

All natural, handmade and carefully crafted.

Unique formula using over a hundred pounds of herbs.

Acne Fade

Experience the transformative power of Extra Natural's Acne Fade, a vegan, cruelty-free, and organic solution designed to combat acne without harsh chemicals. Free from salicylic acid, this gentle yet effective formula harnesses the potency of natural botanical extracts to fade blemishes and promote clear, radiant skin. Ethically crafted with a commitment to sustainability, Acne Fade prioritizes both skin health and environmental responsibility. Say goodbye to acne concerns while staying true to your values with Extra Natural's Acne Fade.

What People Are Saying About Us


“I've been struggling with acne since I was 12 years old. I've tried everything you can think of to fight my acne from, Proactive, switching out my pillowcase, prescriptions from the dermatologist, retinol cream, pills, and none of them worked. I've tried many more things but nothing was as effective on me as much as Acne Fade. Within 2 weeks my face was clear. I lost hope many times, but Acne Fade proved that it was possible to have clear skin.”

Ahmed K.

“Acne Fade has helped me with my acne issues, better than any cream I have ever used. I have tried everything that you can think of, and nothing helped me with my acne, like Acne Fade has. I have struggled with acne for multiple years and was never able to find a solution to resolve my acne, until now. If I had known before that, there was a miracle cream that could rid me of acne, in just a couple of weeks, I would have been using it from the start!”

Emily R.
Age 16

“My struggle with acne kept me from socializing with others. After doing a lot of research, I stumbled upon other products. I never knew if they actually worked but I was willing to do anything to get rid of my acne. My friend introduced me to Acne Fade. He said it was made with extra natural ingredients. After 4 days of using the product, I saw progress instantly. It was an amazing experience that boosted my confidence. Now, I can speak to people without trying to hide my face. Thank you Acne Fade!”

Dakota R.
Age 19

"Extra Natural is a product put out by an herbalist named Tony Kobach. I had a break out all over my body, that I couldn’t get rid of, and he gave me a cream for it and it completely healed it up. I would strongly recommend this product this is the best medicine I’ve used. I’ve gone to other doctors trying to get it healed up and to stop the bleeding but nothing helped until I got help from Tony Kobach. If you need the right medicine/ herb go to The Extra Natural website to order it. I’m completely satisfied with these products."

Michelle Ramey

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Quick Results

Acne Fade is a great scientific discovery in herbal medicine. It is highly recommended and has significant results in up to 2 days.

Great for Sensitive Skin

Acne Fade is good for removing scars and toning the skin. It’s only a one-step process and does not cause any flare-ups.

Extra Natural Acne Fade cream
Acne Fade
acne fade cream box open extra natural
acne fade cream box extra natural
Acne Fade
Acne Fade before and after face

Acne Fade

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Acne Fade

A gentle yet powerful Extra Natural Cream For Acne works fast to kill bacteria, neutralize acids and unclog pores—leaving behind clearer healthier-looking skin. Effective on all skin types, including sensitive skin. Typical results can be seen in as little as 2-3 days.


  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Ethically sourced
  • Made in the USA


Avocado Extract, Pine Needle Oil, Carrot Extract, Gardenia Oil, Spike Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Helichrysum, Chaparral, Euxyl K 703, Polysorbate 20, Carbopol 940.


n today's fast-paced and stressful world, many struggle to prioritize skincare until they're faced with skin issues. When acne arises, they often seek out the most popular acne cream. At Extra Natural, we offer Acne Fade, the ultimate solution for naturally fading acne.

Our Acne Fade Cream harnesses the power of numerous herbs and innovative techniques to eliminate acne swiftly. Our miracle formula combats bacteria, unclogs pores, and neutralizes acids, resulting in radiant skin. Customers report visible improvements within just two or three days, continuing use for clear, luminous skin.

Acne Fade is an organic acne cream that delivers rapid results and is available online at an affordable price. Suitable for all skin types, its natural ingredients, such as avocado and carrot extract, pine, gardenia, tea tree, and spike lavender oil, along with Cabopol 940, Polysorbate 20, Euxyl K 703, chaparral, and helichrysum, work synergistically to prevent and heal skin issues.

At Extra Natural, we're committed to crafting scar-removing organic creams for acne using only gentle herbs, avoiding harsh chemicals or acids. Our cream not only diminishes acne scars over time but also promotes overall skin health. Vegan, ethically sourced, and cruelty-free, our products are made in the US with rigorous safety standards. 

We take great care in sourcing organic herbs, utilizing time-tested formulations, and employing advanced technology to produce Acne Fade, the ideal solution for oily skin. We emphasize proper usage to maximize its benefits. Beyond acne treatment, our cream offers additional skincare benefits such as soothing itchiness, purifying the skin, preventing discoloration, and rejuvenating the skin for a youthful appearance.

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In the evening, wash face with a gentle cleanser to remove makeup or residue. Rinse and pat dry.


Liberally cover the affected area with a dab about half the thickness of a dime until fully absorbed.


In the morning, apply a thin layer. To keep acne from recurring, apply a lighter layer once every evening.